The likelihood of pregnancy after a long abstinence

Studies have shown that in the absence of ejaculation for several days, the number of spermatozoa increases significantly. It seems that the answer about the benefits of abstinence is found. But in practice, it is proven that couples with regular sex have the same chances of successful conception.

It turns out that short-term abstinence (up to 5 days) actually increases the number of spermatozoa in the sperm, but reduces their quality, or rather, mobility. Then there is another question, which is better: quantity or quality? Again, the conducted research will help, which showed:

  • Daily sex – 25% of couples achieve pregnancy;
  • Intimate life in a day – 22% positive result;
  • Sex no more than once every seven days – success at conception 10%;
  • Sexual contact once a month – over time, the onset of infertility is possible.

It should be concluded that the chances of successful conception are much higher in those who have daily sexual intimacy. Therefore, the question of abstinence will apply only to those couples who make love regularly. Such people will benefit from three days of rest and increase the chances of a positive result.

Men’s long abstinence

Successful fertilization depends on the quality of the sperm. Sometimes, wanting to have a child, couples do not get out of bed. Such sexual activity greatly reduces the possibility of pregnancy. Ejaculation is daily, but the quality characteristics of the sperm deteriorate, as it matures at a certain time.

long abstinence

Spermatozoa must gain energy to enter the uterus and perform fertilization. How much you need to refrain a man in front of the child’s conception? Three days of abstinence is enough for the seed to ripen. You should always comply with the measure, especially in the period of pregnancy planning. It is important not to overdo it and not to aggravate the situation instead of the desired result.

Long-term sexual abstinence will negatively affect men’s health. Libido will decrease, and seminal fluid will deteriorate.

For some reason, it is believed that before conception, it is recommended to reduce the number of sexual contacts only for men. But it is also necessary and even useful for ladies to limit their sexual life. And there are good reasons for this:

  • Sexual activity with frequent orgasms changes the position of the uterus. This becomes a difficult obstacle to fertilizing the egg, as it is difficult for the sperm to reach the goal.
  • Some women have chronic diseases. In most pathologies, inflammatory processes develop, and this reduces the success of fertilization. During the period of abstinence, inflammation is stopped, a certain sanation is carried out.
  • The sexual needs of the fairer sex are different from those of men, and many women do not need daily sexual contact. Therefore, the avoidance of sexual intercourse is quite consistent with the biological rhythms and female physiology.

IMPORTANT! It is necessary to eliminate the psychological pressure if there were unsuccessful attempts to conceive.

It should be noted that the main condition for fertilization is ovulation, the duration of which is not more than 48 hours. If you abstain for too long, you can skip the exit of the egg from the follicle and conception will not occur.

How many days do you need to abstain before conception?

It is impossible to determine exactly how much a man should abstain before conception. It all depends on the male body and the time of maturation of spermatozoa.

There is an opinion of doctors that you should refrain from sexual contact for two or three days. Since during this period, the number of germ cells is already fully restored.

A longer time leads to stress, provoked by a strict restriction.

Studies of women’s needs have shown that abstinence is useful for them for no more than five days. During this time, the woman will not only rest, but also eliminate possible inflammation, normalizing the microflora in the vagina.

The consequences of prolonged abstinence for men

Prolonged avoidance of sexual intimacy is harmful for both partners, especially for men. Long abstinence reduces the desire, weakens the erection and significantly worsens the quality of sperm.

In addition, a violation of the rhythm of sexual life leads to serious consequences of a neurotic nature. There may be outbreaks of aggression and irritability.

For men of mature age to refrain from intimacy, in general, is harmful. Lack of sexual activity can lead to loss of potency. Male power will fade due to the lack of its use.

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