The effect of clomiphene on sexual desire

Clomiphene on sexual desire: Sexual desire (libido) is a complex of desires and related experiences, which is based on biological instincts aimed at reproducing life. It includes the desire for sexual intimacy, the severity and direction of which are determined by the genetic set of chromosomes, the diencephalic part of the brain, the development of the endocrine glands and the formation of conditioned reflex complexes under the influence of individual psychosocial experience.

Clomiphene on sexual desire

Libido level is not a permanent condition. The level of sexual desire depends on many current factors.

There is a naked woman nearby – the libido level is high – this is normal, but if it is low – it is not normal.

There is a naked woman next to you and she is your sister – the libido level is low – this is normal, but if it is high – it is not normal.

Although the situations are very similar, but social norms and your upbringing completely kill your libido, although tens of thousands of years ago this would have been the norm, and the situation could have been the opposite.

There is a naked woman next to you, she is your wife and she wants sexual intercourse – the libido level is high – this is normal, but at the same time, if you were fired from work, your car broke down, a disease was diagnosed, which caused serious stress and anxiety – the lack of libido at the moment is also the norm.

clomiphene on sexual desire

In this case, stress and anxiety completely interrupt libido.

Also, the norm may be a more elevated libido at the beginning of a relationship with a new partner, and a decrease in sexual attraction to this partner after 20 years of relationships is also the norm. Lack of sexual attraction to a partner is most likely not the norm, but a decrease is the norm.

A decrease in libido with age is also the norm, I don’t think that at 50-60 years old, wanting the number of sexual acts as at 16-20 years old will be the normal functioning of the psyche. A higher libido in youth is the norm, a drop with age is also the norm.

The main thing to understand is that testosterone is not the only factor affecting sexual desire and its strength. And an increase in testosterone in 100% of cases will lead to an increase in libido.

From libido theory to clomiphene

Consider a number of studies:

The first sufficiently extensive study, with a large number of people and long-term use of clomiphene. The general conclusion is that taking clomiphene does not cause any special side effects.

Results – a total of 12318 men took clomiphene and represented the main study group, whose average age was 37.8 years. In men taking this medicine, there was no increased risk of side effects of clomiphene.

The second study compared the intake of clomiphene and HRT and the effect on symptoms. Studies have shown that HRT is more effective due to a stronger increase in testosterone. At the same time, clomiphene is the preferred method if necessary to preserve fertility. But, those taking clomiphene noted an adverse effect on libido. This is the only study that turned out to be found where a negative effect on libido was noted.

Clomiphene on sexual desire conclusions. Both TC and GC are effective drugs for the treatment of hypogonadism; however, our study shows that TC more effectively increases the level of testosterone in the blood serum and improves the symptoms of hypogonadism. K remains a viable treatment method for men with hypogonadism, but its adverse effect on libido requires further study

When asked about the goals and objectives that a person wants to implement with testosterone-boosting therapy, the top looks like this:

  1. Improvement of general well-being and reduction of general fatigue (chronic fatigue, sleep problems, joint pain.
  2. Stabilization of the psycho-emotional state (anxiety, anxiety, depression).
  3. Increasing the amount of muscle mass. Many still consider testosterone-boosting therapy as an alternative to the course. Although this is not true.
  4. Improved erection.
  5. Improved libido.

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