Infertile marriage is a problem?

World statistics gives the figure of prevalence of 10-15%, but I think in our country things are different and the reason is not that our women or men more and more sick, no, it’s not, and that not all women and some doctors along with them, unable to distinguish normal from pathology and problems sometimes just imaginary, not real.

I conditionally divided these women into 2 groups.

The first group is those unfortunate people who do not know the physiological norms of their body, who after 1-2 months of unsuccessful attempts run in horror to the doctor for help, because it should not be the same.

Everyone in the movies watched how after 1 time Rosalina got pregnant, and she also had a whole 2 months of attempts and nothing came out. Panic, horror, confusion.

infertile marriage

Then there may be several scenarios for the development of events, depending on which doctor will get such a woman. Either they will start looking for some far-fetched problems, such as hidden infections, or they will calm her down, explain that this is normal and she will calmly continue trying to conceive.

The second group is those women who really have a real problem. But it’s not all that simple, because some of these women get to those doctors who in the 21st century, in the age of information, lead their patients on the wrong path, misinforming and telling nonsense like that the cause of infertility is HPV or increased D-dimer, mutations in the folate cycle genes, of course, ureaplasm, high homocysteine, herpes virus, cervical erosion, cytomegalovirus, multifolycular ovaries on ultrasound, low progesterone. The list goes on indefinitely. The absurd scheme of examination and the same absurd treatment regimens. Sometimes these things take years.

I am not a reproductologist, I do not perform insemination, IVF, OR other methods of assisted reproductive technologies. I never say that by coming to me, you will definitely solve your problem.

Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case, but every obstetrician — gynecologist should be able to examine a infertile couple according to the standards, without prescribing meaningless and useless examinations, without intimidating, and simply in essence explaining the problem and possible ways to solve it. But today is not about doctors, but about infertility.

So, first, the infertile couple are those couples who, after 1 year of regular sexual life without contraception, did not get the desired pregnancy.

According to statistics, only 30% of absolutely healthy married couples get pregnant in 3 months, 70% — in 6-7 and 80-90% – in a year.

The second point, what is regular sexual contact? This is regular vaginal sex once every 1-2-3 days without taking any contraceptives.

Couples who should not wait for a whole year, but go to the doctor after 6 months of unsuccessful attempts. This:

  • Women over 35 years of age;
  • Women over 35 years of age, but who have gynecological diseases (endometriosis, past infections such as chlamydia or gonorrhea).

The causes of infertile marriages

  • Ovulation disorders (there is no exit of the egg from the follicle).
  • Reduced ovarian reserve. A rapid decrease in the number of own follicles occurs after 35 years, plus the quality of the oocytes themselves decreases. Here, the main reason may be age, as well as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and genetics. So don’t delay your pregnancy.
  • Violation of the patency of the fallopian tubes, adhesions of the pelvic organs (chlamydia, gonorrhea,endometriosis, surgery. Any operation is always a risk of occurrence of the adhesive process).
  • Endometriosis
  • Leiomyoma of the uterus. The relationship between the presence of submucous uterine myoma (when the nodes are located in the uterine cavity) and infertility has been proved. Elimination of submucous nodes increases the chances of pregnancy.
  • Lifestyle – Smoking, alcohol, stress, hot baths and saunas for men, drugs, etc.

In 10-15% of cases, the cause of infertility remains unknown.

What is not the cause of infertility

If we talk about pregnancy very briefly and banal, then in order for it to occur, ovulation in the ovaries (the output of an egg from a Mature follicle), the uterus, the patency of the fallopian tubes and a sperm that is able to fertilize the egg.

The main reason is the violation of ovulation

The most important and I would say the key point is the conversation with the doctor. Here the entire life history is clarified (starting from birth, menstruation, family history, etc.), all concomitant diseases, risk factors, and only then, the main path of examination of a woman is determined, it can be different. But we will talk about the standards that apply to most women.

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