How to increase the chances of conceive a child

Sometimes it happens that it takes a while to conceive a child, but after several unsuccessful sexual acts, you should not sound the alarm and diagnose yourself with infertility.

Conceive a child. The first rule.

Everyone knows that the male germ cell is the basis of conception, so a certain energy is required from the sperm to ensure its mobility, because an energetic sperm is able to go further, and a weak one should not wait for conception. And if pregnancy does occur, then there is a high risk of DNA damage that leads to a frozen pregnancy or spontaneous abortion. That is why, two weeks before the decisive sexual intercourse, you need to start preparing a man. To do this, you need to start feeding him properly: include more meat, nuts, vitamin E in the diet. Such nutrition will help to increase sperm motility.

It is worth noting that excessive activity of partners for conception is not just useless, but also harmful. Therefore, before the decisive sexual act, a man should abstain for 2-3 days in order to accumulate energy. One couple went to the doctor because they could not conceive a child. During the conversation, it turned out that the couple wants a child so much that they have sex 2-3 times a day. After that, the doctor advised to abstain from sex for a few days. Following the doctor’s recommendation, the couple managed to conceive a child.

Rule number 2

The first intercourse is crucial for conception. All further acts in the evening or night are just for fun. The fact is that after the first sexual intercourse, the concentration of spermatozoa decreases almost twice, so subsequent ejaculations, as experts joke, are one water.

Rule 3, how to conceive a child

Immediately after ejaculation, a man should remove the penis from the vagina to help the sperm penetrate further unhindered, which significantly increases the likelihood of conception.

Rule 4

Female orgasm can prevent conception. This happens for the reason that during orgasm, the cervix rises slightly, so the sperm have to climb to this peak, which significantly reduces the chance of one of them reaching the egg.

conceive a child

Conceive a child 5

The right timing for conception plays a significant role in conception. A woman is more fertile in the middle of the cycle, when the egg matures (ovulation period). 5-6 days before ovulation are also considered favorable: the sperm can live as long as it waits for the egg and remains capable. The period within 6 days after ovulation is also considered favorable, since the female egg remains capable during this period of time.

The sixth rule

Of great importance for conception is the fact whether a woman takes clomid. Clomid stimulates ovulation and promotes conception. You definitely need to consult a doctor.

The last rule

The right choice of posture can significantly increase the chances of conceiving a child. Unfortunately, the choice of the right poses is not great — this is a classic missionary pose. But if you try to get pregnant, for example standing, then the liquid will just pour out. There is really an exception. If a woman has a bend in the uterus, then a pose from behind will do.

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