Reasons for the lack of ovulation

Lack of ovulation: Certain processes occur regularly in a woman’s body that allow her to maintain reproductive function. The most important of them is ovulation – the release of an egg from the ovary. This stage falls approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If there is no ovulation for one reason or another, … Continue reading “Reasons for the lack of ovulation”

Lack of ovulation (anovulatory cycle)

Anovulatory cycle – how to wake up sleeping eggs. In the ovary there are special structures – follicles in which eggs mature. In the middle of the cycle, the follicle ruptures, releasing the mature germ cell into the fallopian tube to meet the sperm. However, in some cases, the egg does not leave its container … Continue reading “Lack of ovulation (anovulatory cycle)”

Contraindications to ovulation stimulation

Ovulation stimulation Ovulation stimulation is a technique of influencing the work of the ovaries, which is carried out within the framework of in vitro fertilization programs or situations when there is no ovulation of one’s own. The procedure allows you to eliminate one of the common causes of female infertility – the inability of the … Continue reading “Contraindications to ovulation stimulation”

Female hormonal stimulation of ovulation

Hormonal stimulation of ovulation: many women who undergo infertility treatment by in vitro fertilization (IVF) are often interested in questions: Do hormonal drugs used during IVF reduce the ovarian reserve? Won’t all the follicles be taken away during ovarian puncture? Will hormonal stimulation bring the onset of menopause closer? As part of this short article, … Continue reading “Female hormonal stimulation of ovulation”

Lack of ovulation: reasons and what to do

If pregnancy does not occur, then you should think about the lack of ovulation. Ovulation refers to the natural physiological processes that occur in the female body. It denotes the natural ability to procreate. During this period, a woman becomes pregnant, because the egg is secreted. This process falls in the middle of the menstrual … Continue reading “Lack of ovulation: reasons and what to do”

Ovulation stimulation for natural conception

Lack of ovulation is one of the most common causes of infertility in a couple. The tactic involves stimulating ovulation in various ways. Ovulation stimulation for natural conception triggers the process of egg maturation, follicle rupture and oocyte release from the ovary. Depending on the situation, medicinal methods or folk remedies are used. Let’s analyze … Continue reading “Ovulation stimulation for natural conception”

Drugs for ovulation stimulation

One of the reasons for infertility in women is the lack of ovulation, when there is no exit from the follicle of a mature egg, which, in fact, should be fertilized by spermatozoa. This condition is called anovulation. What drugs for ovulation stimulation exist today? Treatment of anovulation is carried out by stimulating ovulation, for … Continue reading “Drugs for ovulation stimulation”

Hormonal ovulation stimulation drugs

Today we will talk about the rules for the use of hormonal ovulation stimulation drugs. Hormonal drugs are drugs obtained synthetically. They act like natural hormones produced in the body. Types of hormonal drugs for women In the treatment of female infertility, hormonal drugs are always used, as a rule. Women can be prescribed combined … Continue reading “Hormonal ovulation stimulation drugs”

Reasons for the absence of ovulation

Menstrual cycles are caused by the growth of the follicle and the release of the egg from it. This phenomenon is called ovulation. Then the egg enters the lumen of the fallopian tube, where it can be fertilized by a sperm. Conception cannot occur if the meeting of these two germ cells does not take … Continue reading “Reasons for the absence of ovulation”

Stimulation of ovulation of PCOS. Part 2.

We continue our articles about pregnancy with a diagnosis of PCOS. You can read the first part here. In Chile, a plenary session was held in 2002, the result of which was the first summation of data on the use of CC for ovulation induction, including in PCOS. It was noted that CC can be … Continue reading “Stimulation of ovulation of PCOS. Part 2.”