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Generic Clomid

Why are generic Clomid tablets equally important both for women who wish to get pregnant and for athletes? The reason is the unique properties of the main active substance of this drug, clomiphene citrate. Many women need just one 5-day course of treatment with generic Clomid to regain their ability to conceive. Ovulation occurs due to the increased levels of progesterone and estrogen. Actually, bodybuilders buy generic Clomid tablets for the same reason, that is, because of their ability to maintain high levels of these hormones. Clomid helps to normalize testosterone levels and to avoid delicate sexual problems in those men who take anabolic steroids to improve their performance.

Buy Generic Clomid For Infertility treatment in Women

Generic Clomid medicine is prescribed for the treatment of ovulatory failure in women who wish to become pregnant and whose husbands are fertile and potent. Generic Clomid medicine is known as the first line of treatment in women with ovulation problems. Generic Clomid is an agent for stimulating ovulation.

Clomid medicine is in a class of medications called ovulatory stimulants or Antiestrogen. Clomid is generic form and available in tablets. Generic Clomid works similarly to estrogen, a female hormone that causes eggs to develop in the ovaries and be released. Other Brand names of this medicine are Clomid, Milophene, and Serophene.

Generic Clomid medicine is indicated for patients with hormonal stimulation deficiencies who are not capable of producing follicles and releasing eggs in ovulation. Generic Clomid medicine stimulates the release of hormones to aid a woman to ovulate.

Generic Clomid medicine works by influencing the interaction of these four hormones: GnRH (gonotropin releasing hormone), FSH (follicle stimulating hormone), LH (luteinizing hormone), Estradiol.

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Adult Dosage of Generic Clomid For Women

Adult Dosage of generic Clomid for treating infertility in Women is Clomid 50 milligrams (mg) a day for five days of a menstrual cycle. Treatment with generic Clomid medicine is usually started on the fifth day of your menstrual period. If the patient does not become pregnant after the first course, doctor may increase patient's dose of Clomid a little at a time up to 250 mg a day. Patient's treatment with Clomid may be repeated until she does become pregnant or for up to four treatment cycles.

If you miss a dose of Generic Clomid:

Doses of generic Clomid should be taken regularly and It is important that you remember to take your dose each day. If you miss a dose of Clomid, take it as soon as you can.

If you do not remember until it is time for the next Clomid dose, take both doses together; then go back to your regular dosing schedule. If you miss more than one dose of Clomid, check with your doctor.

If you do not remember to take your Clomid dose until the next day, call your Prescriber or health care professional for advice.

Generic Clomid Side Effects

A recommended dose of generic clomid, taken under guidence of a qualified healthcare professional, dosen't generally result in side effects. Nor it infrequently interfere with treatment. Clomid Side effects are tend to be dose related, occurring more frequently at the higher doses and longer duration of treatment courses used in some earlier studies.

For more details on Side effects of generic Clomid please visit the Clomid side effects page

Stopping the dosage of Generic Clomid:

Clomid dosage should be taken as prescribed for the full treatment period. Patients should not stop taking Clomid on their own.

Generic Clomid Overdosage:

Taking any medication in excess can have serious consequences. You should immediately contact your health care professional, if you suspect an overdose of Clomid. Symptoms of a Clomid overdosage include nausea, vomiting, flushing, blurred vision, visual spots or flashes, scotomata, ovarian enlargement with pelvic or abdominal pain. You should seek emergency medical attention if you feel any of these symptomes.

In the event of overdosage of Clomid, appropriate supportive measures should be employed in addition to gastrointestinal decontamination.

Generic Clomid Warnings and Precautions:

Generic Clomid medicine must not be used during pregnancy. If you become pregnant or think you may be pregnant, inform your doctor immediately. It is not known if Clomid passes into breast milk. Generic Clomid medicine may reduce milk production. Consult your doctor before breast-feeding. There is a chance that Clomid may cause birth defects if it is taken after you become pregnant. Stop taking generic Clomid medicine and tell your doctor immediately if you think you have become pregnant while still taking generic Clomid medicine.