What pills help women get pregnant quickly

More than 10% of women of childbearing age experience problems with conception. Girls who are looking for easy ways ask the Internet what pills to take to get pregnant quickly. They go to the pharmacy and take medications at their own risk. More thoughtful and responsible expectant mothers go to the clinic and ask this question to the doctor.

the pill helps you get pregnant

If pregnancy does not occur within a year, the couple needs a thorough medical examination. It is important that the attending physician finds out the reasons why conception does not occur. And prescribed adequate treatment that is suitable for this particular couple.

The process of conception

A healthy woman’s body is ready for pregnancy if the reproductive system works correctly. Conception occurs under the following conditions:

  • The menstrual cycle is regular;
  • Ovulation occurred at the appropriate time (approximately in the middle of the cycle);
  • Its duration is about two days;
  • At this time, the sperm fertilized the egg;
  • The fertilized egg should be firmly fixed in the uterus within a few days.

Based on the research and analysis results, the doctor concludes at what stage of conception a woman has a failure of the reproductive system. And prescribe appropriate treatment with drugs that will restore the impaired function.

What pills stimulate the conception

There are three types of hormonal drugs, the action of which is aimed at restoring impaired function.

  • Means that stimulate ovulation. Thanks to them, there is an increased growth of follicles in the ovaries. They contain luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones.
  • With the help of drugs containing HCG, the growth of the follicle and its ability to remove the egg is stimulated. That is, these drugs help the egg to meet with the sperm.
  • In order for the egg to be securely fixed in the uterus, a medicine containing progesterone is used. This hormone thickens the walls of the uterus, and also contributes to the formation of a safe environment during gestation.

All drugs that stimulate conception can be taken only after consulting with a doctor and under his supervision! It should be remembered that all of them are powerful drugs that, if used independently and without control, can cause harm, but not help.

The doctor will tell you which pills are suitable for a particular woman, because the body of each individual.

When you can’t drink hormones

You can only take the pills after a thorough examination. It is important for the doctor to exclude the following diseases:

  • violation of the patency of the fallopian tubes. If there are spikes, then hormonal stimulation increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy;
  • sexually transmitted diseases;
  • weak sperm motility in men. In this case, it is not the woman who needs to be treated, but her husband;
  • Congenital abnormalities of the structure of the female reproductive system. Hormone pills will simply be useless.

It should be remembered that pregnancy may not occur after unsuccessful gynecological operations or the use of medications that provoked a miscarriage. In this case, before taking medications for rapid conception, you need to wait a few months (sometimes you need to pause for a whole year) for full recovery of the body.


Even if the woman is healthy, use drugs containing hormones, you need to be careful and only under the supervision of a doctor.

Do not despair if pregnancy does not occur immediately after the course of treatment. Many women successfully conceived after several cycles.

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