Three medicines that still remain a dream

Against the background of incredible discoveries that promise to completely transform the medicine of the future, making it preventive, there are a number of tools that have been waiting for a very long time.

Malaria vaccine

Bill Gates spends tens of millions of dollars on the search for a miracle cure. Thousands of scientists around the world are working on this problem. The first tangible success is the recent work of American researchers from the National Center for the Study of Allergies and Infections. They were able to remove mosquitoes that develop malaria parasites inside, and then make these parasites unable to infect with radiation exposure.

Super Cold Remedy

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing a drug that can mean victory over the banal cold — the most annoying disease on the planet. They claim to have created a virus that attacks an infected cell and programs it to self-destruct, but does not affect healthy cells in the neighborhood. There are years of clinical trials ahead.

A cure for infertility

Artificial insemination is becoming an increasingly popular method of conception, and many technologies have already been tested and brought to mind. Also, do not forget about the stimulation of ovulation with clomid. Nevertheless, the search for new solutions continues. Canadian scientists from the University of Vancouver are working on drugs that stimulate ovulation in women who want to get pregnant. They are able to stimulate the appearance of several eggs per month instead of one, which increases the chances of artificial insemination. But the method developed by Canadian scientists still has many side effects, including a dangerous syndrome that is associated with kidney failure and heart failure.

Coronavirus vaccine

In modern realities, humanity also dreams of one more medicine – a 100% effective coronavirus vaccine, because neither the Russian Sputnik-V, nor Pfizer, nor even the Chinese vaccine, have yet produced any results.

67 thoughts on “Three medicines that still remain a dream”

    1. YEP! I’d take both! And an anti-bad-mood medicine (not a common “I’d prescribe U THIS for depression”) too!!!

  1. My dream medicine is something for this fckng every spring allergy: just take ONE pill in April and forget it for a year…

    1. U have at least three options: Clomid / diet / gym or whatever U prefer! There’s no need to dream of a MAGIC PILL to stay fit! Anyway, good luck!

  2. My dream med is something to make me stop worrying. I mean I’ve tried antidepressants etc but I need something that really works / without any side effects. I’m serious.

      1. After my first ‘lesson’ I was about to kill my ‘teacher’, not kiddin’! Maybe meditation’s not my way…

    1. Yep! I’ve tried literally EVERYTHING, and still cannot quit!!! I’d buy a GOOD medicine right now!

    1. I’m trying for half a year, if THE MAGIC doesn’t kick me this time, should take a break… Good luck us future mothers! Kisses!

    2. Absolutely! I’ve made several courses (with breaks – my fault) years ago, and am re-starting right now! God bless us all!

    1. Eating TASTY and GOOD foods and doin’ just a bit of physical activity’s GREAT, just try!!!

  3. I’d prefer something to balance blood pressure easily… To take a pill without any side effects in the morning and just forget about it… And it works both ways – lowers or not depending on your state and weather and so on…

    1. For many of us it’s really a dream medicine, but it exists, so I guess they had something else on their mind. Anyway, I agree!

    1. Don’t be that aware. Many of us change our mind later. I’ve been a childfree for YEARS, and now am taking Clomid to concieve.

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