Three medicines that still remain a dream

Against the background of incredible discoveries that promise to completely transform the medicine of the future, making it preventive, there are a number of tools that have been waiting for a very long time.

Malaria vaccine

Bill Gates spends tens of millions of dollars on the search for a miracle cure. Thousands of scientists around the world are working on this problem. The first tangible success is the recent work of American researchers from the National Center for the Study of Allergies and Infections. They were able to remove mosquitoes that develop malaria parasites inside, and then make these parasites unable to infect with radiation exposure.

Super Cold Remedy

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing a drug that can mean victory over the banal cold โ€” the most annoying disease on the planet. They claim to have created a virus that attacks an infected cell and programs it to self-destruct, but does not affect healthy cells in the neighborhood. There are years of clinical trials ahead.

A cure for infertility

Artificial insemination is becoming an increasingly popular method of conception, and many technologies have already been tested and brought to mind. Also, do not forget about the stimulation of ovulation with clomid. Nevertheless, the search for new solutions continues. Canadian scientists from the University of Vancouver are working on drugs that stimulate ovulation in women who want to get pregnant. They are able to stimulate the appearance of several eggs per month instead of one, which increases the chances of artificial insemination. But the method developed by Canadian scientists still has many side effects, including a dangerous syndrome that is associated with kidney failure and heart failure.

Coronavirus vaccine

In modern realities, humanity also dreams of one more medicine – a 100% effective coronavirus vaccine, because neither the Russian Sputnik-V, nor Pfizer, nor even the Chinese vaccine, have yet produced any results.

176 thoughts on “Three medicines that still remain a dream”

  1. After covid, I stopped believing in vaccines! First they say that you need to make a vaccine and be calm for a year, then they say that the vaccine is only valid for six months. Then they say that you need to inject a second vaccine. Third. Etc. I think no one understands until today how coronavirus and vaccines work.

  2. I agree with many of the previous comments. When I see the war in Ukraine, I understand that there is not enough pill for stupidity!

  3. if people thought about the development of medicine, and not about wars, then all these dreams could become a reality. but not yet.

    1. Any war has always helped the development of medicine. Remember penicillin! If not for the war, this medicine would not exist.

  4. We should write about breakthroughs in medicine, not about dreams. Science has achieved a lot in recent years. Do you think the coronavirus has been defeated, or is a new round of the pandemic awaiting us?

  5. And what about clomid? All these stories that you described are nonsense. The article is not interesting!

  6. A malaria vaccine is not a dream. Work is underway. I wonder why the covid vaccine was ready so quickly. What do you think, will a new pandemic of some new virus await us?

  7. There is a coronavirus vaccine, but what good is it if people continue to get sick? In our time, we need a vaccine against war, not against epidemics

  8. How does clomid relate to dreams of non-existent medicines? The article is complete nonsense! But if you look at it from the other side, then clomid helps women get pregnant – isn’t it a miracle and a dream come true?

    1. This site has a lot of useful articles about the use of Clomid and its safe purchase on the Internet. If you have read only one article or this information is not interesting to you, do not write off drawing conclusions. This site helped me a lot, I learned new things about ovulation and its stimulation.

  9. You write about a cold, but what is dangerous in a banal cold? It is better to give information on really dangerous diseases! And what does Clomid have to do with it, I donโ€™t understand

    1. A banal cold can give a complication to the lungs, and this is a direct path to the development of pneumonia! In times of coronavirus, this is doubly dangerous. It is a pity that you do not understand such banal things.

  10. You write about a cure for infertility, but what does Clomid have to do with it? Clomid is not a cure for infertility. Infertility unfortunately is not treated, although there are exceptions

  11. Any new information about Canadian scientists at the University of Vancouver who are working on ovulation inducing drugs? You wrote about them a long time ago, perhaps there is new information or a new medicine?

  12. This is a very small list. There are a lot of diseases in the world, if there was a cure for all, it would be great, but this is just a dream and it does not happen.

  13. If you go every year for a preventive examination to the doctor, then all these dreams become meaningless. You need to monitor your health and visit the doctor on time. That’s the whole secret!

  14. My dream is to actually change the world. Make it lighter, better. To make sure that non-pharmaceutical companies control the minds of people and patients, prescribe some kind of pills. And my dream is to make the world brighter. After all, when people learn to regard diseases as teachers, learn their lessons, people will learn to live with their hearts.

  15. Malaria is very dangerous, it’s true. Vaccination against malaria could completely solve the problem of the spread of the disease, but such a vaccine has not yet been developed. The most serious research is being carried out in this direction – experimental drugs are produced and tested annually. The first approved vaccine, Mosquirix, produced by the British company GlaxoSmithKline, was being tested in African countries. But I never understood what the test results were. It is not right that in the 21st century we are suffering from covid or malaria.

  16. It seems that this resource is dedicated to the drug Clomid, what does malaria and other diseases have to do with it?

  17. Another dream medicine is missing – a medicine for immortality ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, scientists from the USA and Japan conducted clinical trials of a drug that can rejuvenate the human body. The Japan News newspaper on its website reported the details of this amazing experiment.
    Ten Japanese volunteers were injected with nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). This drug has already been successfully tested on animals. Laboratory mice, to which it was added to food, lived much longer than their counterparts, retaining sharp vision and other functions.

  18. We must not forget about the successes already achieved in the fight against ailments of various etiologies: smallpox, poliomyelitis, stomach ulcers. All these diseases are not only treated, but their occurrence is prevented under the condition of timely and adequate medical care. Of course, disease prevention will remain relevant for a long time, because there are a huge number of unresolved problems.

  19. Problems in medicine have always been and always will be. You can always encounter something unknown, for example, as it was with the coronavirus. And there is no instant solution!

  20. They were able to invent penicillin, at that time this medicine seemed impossible! So they can invent everything else ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. The dream of many now is to end the war in Ukraine! And you talk about some primitive dreams. That’s what country needs any medicines now!

  22. The last few years have become significant for medicine, if we talk about the number of new directions, emerging techniques and the introduction of digital technologies. Health care blurs the boundaries, opening doors for interaction with all disciplines that can give it a qualitative breakthrough to development. Artificial intelligence and wearable devices are becoming common means of organizing the treatment process and monitoring the human condition.

  23. The disadvantage of all modern antimicrobial materials is that they contain antibiotics. Over time, the effectiveness of such drugs decreases due to the adaptation of bacteria and the development of drug resistance in them. Every year there are more and more microorganisms resistant to antibiotics, and this is a serious problem.
    However, there is a solution, and scientists from the Russian State University found it. Brazilian and Chinese colleagues helped them in this – this is how a unique antimicrobial material based on silver and phosphomolybdic acid appeared. Silver ions cause oxidative stress in bacteria, and acid blocks the ability of microorganisms to produce protective enzymes. As a result, the bacteria die and do not develop resistance.
    Why this is important: the new tool will allow to more effectively resist the spread of pathogens both in medical institutions and in everyday life.

  24. When it comes to the future of medicine, it often borders on magic: nanotechnology, genetic engineering, 3D printing, stem cells, and more. Patients who were considered inoperable 30-50 years ago are now successfully recovering and leading a full life.

  25. Many drugs that also seemed like a dream have been invented! Despite the fact that diabetes is incurable, doctors now know how to keep the disease under control thanks to drugs that seemed like a dream!

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