Synthol, anabolics and other chemicals: the history of bodybuilders

Voluminous, perfectly drawn muscles are what every bodybuilders strives for, regardless of age and gender. However, some athletes simply do not know the boundaries in the process of self-improvement. For example, they use clomid without control. We have made a selection of the most striking examples: be surprised, compare and learn from mistakes.

Bodybuilders: Phillip Jerrod Heath

Phil Heath won the title of “Mr. Olympia” 7 times, standing on the same step with Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2002, he decided to take up bodybuilding, dramatically gaining weight from 84 to 98 kg, while the percentage of fat did not exceed 6%.

Today, Heath consumes at least 9,500 calories a day and trains a lot, paying special attention to the technique of each exercise. The bodybuilder has a very ambitious goal: he dreams of becoming a ten-time champion of “Mr. Olympia”.

Dorian Yates

Dorian ranks 5th in bodybuilding in terms of the number of championship titles. The athlete’s childhood was difficult, he lost his father early. Having decided to realize himself in bodybuilding, the guy has achieved impressive success. Today, he is considered one of the top bodybuilders in history.


However, Dorian owes his success not only to training: it is proved that he actively used steroids. The fascination with drugs fatally affected the athlete’s health: after one of the performances, he had to be urgently hospitalized with internal bleeding. Soon after, he had to retire from the sport, today he trains bodybuilders and leads seminars.

Greg Kovacs – bodybuilders

At the end of the 90s, Kovac was considered the most massive bodybuilder: with a height of 1 m 93 cm, he weighed 195 kg in the off-season and 150 kg in the season. The volume was also impressive: chest 178 cm, biceps 64 cm, legs 89 cm. Such parameters provided high places at the championships, but sometimes the man used his achievements for other purposes: Greg had problems with the law, he was charged with extortion.

In 2013, the athlete died of a heart attack. During the autopsy, it was found that the heart was greatly enlarged: the cause could be steroids. This explained the surprisingly rapid growth of muscle mass, although during his lifetime Kovac was not convicted of using drugs.

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