Ovulation stimulation in women after 40 years

Some couples decide to have a second child many years after the birth of their first child. Often, doctors resort to ovulation stimulation after 40 years, because the supply of eggs can be used up. As a result, after stimulation in the form of hormonal drugs, ovulation returns, so there are chances of conception. This method in medicine is effective, thanks to it, many women become mothers after 40-45 years.

What is the stimulation of ovulation

The absence of an egg from the follicle, according to research, is considered a common pathology in gynecological practice. Most often, it is associated with hormonal imbalance, incorrect body weight and other diseases of the internal genitals.

To Wake up the sleeping ovaries, you need to trigger the ovulatory process. This is often done with hormonal medications. Their action in the body contributes to the development of the follicular capsule and the release of EGGS capable of fertilization. In addition, the menstrual cycle is restored.

Ovulation stimulation in women after 40 years

Often, medications are used that have different effects on the woman’s body. It is worth remembering that the appropriate method is suitable only for those ladies whose appendages are completely healthy. We are talking about cases when the follicles do not break, and they need help.

Features of stimulation after 40 years

For women of this age, a personal treatment regimen is developed if they cannot get pregnant in the usual way. Some patients refuse this method, because they are afraid of the birth of twins, as well as the influence of other side effects. However, a number of ladies still agree to the doctor’s proposal, since the eggs are not able to perform their main function.

To restore ovulation, you have to resort to IVF. This method is also suggested because the reproductive age has already ended. In this regard, it is necessary to use the help of donors and the spouse’s sperm, if it is of high quality.

For all these processes to be carried out successfully, women need to find a competent specialist in this matter. After a comprehensive examination, he will select the right hormonal agents that will not cause damage to the body.

It is not superfluous to use folk remedies as an auxiliary therapy to the standard stimulation Protocol. Herbs will help restore fertility, the main thing is to consult your doctor before using them.

Preparation and contraindications

Before ovulation is stimulated, each expectant mother must undergo a detailed examination. Evaluating the results of tests, the doctor will exclude all pathologies that may negatively affect the success of this method. In particular, it is necessary to:

  • pass tests to detect infections in the genital tract;
  • smear from the vagina;
  • donate blood for various hormones;
  • conduct a cytological examination;
  • ultrasound of the mammary glands;
  • ECG;
  • find out whether the fallopian tubes are passable;
  • get the results of the analysis for TORCH infections;
  • if necessary, do a laparoscopy.

A spermogram will be required from the partner. If the male factor of infertility is absent, then you can start treatment for a woman.

However, the Protocol does not apply to all patients. It can not be performed for the following pathologies:

  • genetic abnormalities of a chromosomal nature;
  • obstruction of both tubes;
  • hereditary diseases;
  • somatic abnormalities;
  • dysfunction of the kidneys, heart or liver.
  • inflammatory processes of the reproductive system; polycystic ovaries.

Performing stimulation after 40 years

The main component of the prescribed drugs can have different effects on the body as a whole. Most often, medications begin to be taken from the third day of the menstrual cycle. Often, intramuscular injections are prescribed to enhance the action. The action can be either gonadotropic or antiestrogenic. All this is determined by the primary clinical picture. Diagnosis of follicle formation is performed by ultrasound.

After analysis of the dominant follicular capsule, a HCG injection is administered. If all the activities were carried out for IVF, then the YC fence can be performed every other day. In the case of the natural way, couples need to have unprotected sex.

As a rule, no more than two cycles of hormone use are sufficient. If the desired effect on the reproductive system is not found, doctors change the treatment regimen. Sometimes there are cases when conception occurs from the first time.


Ovulation stimulation after 40 years is possible only if a woman is in good health. This conclusion is based on the survey conducted. Stimulation of ovulation is performed with the help of injections and pills that normalize hormonal balance. After 40 years, you should seriously think about whether to give birth, because there are certain health risks.

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