Ovulation stimulation for natural conception

Lack of ovulation is one of the most common causes of infertility in a couple. The tactic involves stimulating ovulation in various ways. Ovulation stimulation for natural conception triggers the process of egg maturation, follicle rupture and oocyte release from the ovary. Depending on the situation, medicinal methods or folk remedies are used. Let’s analyze which method of ovulation stimulation for conception is suitable for a particular case, and how to carry it out so that there are no negative consequences.

What is ovulation stimulation for natural conception

A woman’s menstrual cycle is divided into two phases. The first is the follicular, during which, under the influence of the follicle-stimulating hormone of the pituitary gland (FSH), the follicle matures. The follicle grows, increases in volume, produces estrogens. The first phase lasts approximately 14 days.

When the size of the follicle and the concentration of estrogens reaches a maximum, the pituitary gland reacts to this and begins to produce another hormone — luteinizing (LH). This is the beginning of the second phase of the cycle. Under the influence of LH, a rupture of the follicle shell occurs and the egg “leaves” the ovary. In place of the burst follicle, a temporary structure remains — a yellow body. It produces progesterone, which is later needed for the development of pregnancy.

After the release of the egg (oocyte) moves through the tube towards the uterus. If sexual intercourse occurs at this moment, the egg meets the sperm and conception occurs. Then the embryo descends into the uterus, implantation takes place. The yellow body continues to function and supports pregnancy.

When conception does not occur, the egg enters the uterus, from there it is excreted from the body with menstrual secretions. At the same time, the next follicle begins to mature. So the next cycle begins.

Ovulation disorder can occur at the pituitary gland level — it does not secrete FSH, LH or their concentration is reduced, as well as at the level of the ovaries. To eliminate the violation, it is necessary to find out the cause and the level of development of pathology. Without this step, any, even the most innovative, will be ineffective.

Ovulation stimulation helps to form an egg and get it out of the follicle. At the same time, a woman’s germ cell will be of high quality, without deviations, capable of fertilization.

When ovulation stimulation is needed?

Ovulation stimulation for conception is carried out when a woman does not become pregnant due to absence (anovulatory cycles) or violation of the release of the egg from the follicle. At the same time, natural fertilization is planned, that is, by ordinary sexual intercourse.

The cause of ovulation disorders may be:

  • hormonal disorders due to pathology in the ovaries or pituitary gland;
  • PCOS is a syndrome of polycystic ovaries, when the ovary is in a dense shell, the egg cannot penetrate through it to the outside;
  • concomitant diseases;
  • stress;
  • taking medications;
  • bad habits.

Anovulatory cycles are also found in healthy women. There are few such cycles at a young age. The older the woman, the more often they occur, and the worse the situation is with fertility – the ability to fertilize.

The ovulation stimulation procedure can be performed when a woman has a supply of eggs, that is, she has sufficient ovarian reserve. If the reserve is low, there is no point in activating the ovaries.

ovulation stimulation for natural conception

The procedure should be carried out in parallel with the main treatment or after it. Therefore, the first step is a thorough examination, which will determine the endocrine status, the state of the reproductive organs and the general condition of the body.

The partner is also being diagnosed by a urologist-andrologist.

How to stimulate ovulation?

Ovulation stimulation is the administration of drugs that cause the maturation of the egg. At the same time, you need to prepare the endometrium of the uterus so that by the time of conception it was the right thickness, and the implantation was successful. All procedures are carried out under strict supervision of a doctor and ultrasound monitoring. The doctor monitors the body’s reaction to drugs, monitors the growth of follicles. Thus, he will be able to correct the treatment in time and prevent complications.

Various methods, preparations (clomid and its analogues) and schemes are used. The choice depends on the result of the assessment of the ovarian reserve, the woman’s body weight. The result of the previous procedures also matters.

Separately, it is worth mentioning about psychological training. An important role in the functioning of reproductive organs is played by the psychological state. Stress — and it is inevitable when planning pregnancy with anovulatory cycles, when the result cannot be guaranteed with 100% certainty – worsens the condition of the reproductive organs, the endocrine system.

Therefore, a woman during the period of ovulation stimulation for conception in a natural way needs to pay attention to this area. Psychotherapy sessions and sedatives are recommended.

One of the ways to achieve emotional balance is abstraction from the problem. It is worth trying to distract yourself, to live a normal life, without dwelling on ovulation and other aspects. Perhaps you can look for some ways of relaxation: yoga, meditation, art therapy. Of course, you need enough sleep and rest.

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