How to stimulate the maturation of eggs

Stimulating egg maturation: To begin with, such a diagnosis (ovulation dysfunction) under no circumstances can be based on the results of a single examination. Such conclusions of the doctor are fraught with an absolutely useless course of treatment, and prescribed means to stimulate ovulation can cause great harm to the female body if taken unnecessarily. Remember that before thinking about treatment, you need to conduct an ultrasound examination during at least three cycles, and only then think about methods to combat the so-called anovulation.

When it comes to the ovaries, where full-fledged and ready-to-fertilize eggs do not mature, any doctor first of all thinks about the reasonableness of the use of hormonal drugs. The list of drugs used to stimulate ovulation is huge, so the appropriate treatment is prescribed on an individual basis. Nevertheless, there are a number of the most common drugs that we will now consider.

Stimulating egg maturation

Stimulation with clostilbegyt: is a drug that enhances the production of hormones through a direct effect on the pituitary gland and hypothalamus, which then gives an impetus to the maturation of follicles. Ovulation stimulation with clostilbegyt is a fairly well-established procedure – pregnancy occurs in 40% of cases.

An important factor here is a thorough medical examination, during which the doses of clostilbegyt should be established, as well as a further action plan, that is, a clear decision whether the egg will be fertilized in a natural way, or IVF will be needed.

stimulating egg maturation

As a rule, the reception of clostilbegyt begins on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. Usually, the course of treatment begins with a dose of 50 g, but, again, everything is individual, and without the supervision of a doctor, it is better not to experiment even with the most proven proportions and frequencies of use of this drug. During use, increased sexual activity is recommended, which will increase the chances of a woman becoming pregnant in the shortest possible time. In the absence of visible results of the course of treatment, during the use of clostilbegyt to stimulate ovulation, the doctor may prescribe injections of chorionic gonadotropin. If such treatment is ineffective, the woman is offered to repeat the stimulation, switch to other drugs, or pay attention to surgical methods, such as ovarian cauterization and laparoscopy.

Drugs for ovulation stimulation

Nevertheless, clostilbegyt is far from the only drug used to stimulate ovulation. Among the most popular in use, it is also worth highlighting funds based on clomiphene.

One of the leaders is clomid, which, in addition to stimulating ovulation in women, is also used by men in bodybuilding. There are other names of this drug, for example, Fertomid, and other generics based on clomiphene.

Stimulating egg maturation with folk remedies

Often, the causes of prolonged female infertility cannot be established even by the most experienced doctors, which means that hopes for the appointment of an optimal course of treatment are also sent to the trash can. In such cases, desperate women often resort to “grandmother’s” advice, and, as it turned out, not in vain. Some folk remedies for stimulating egg maturation have confirmed their effectiveness after a number of successful pregnancies of women practicing certain methods, therefore, we will not ignore them either.

It should be taken into account that under no circumstances can phytotherapy be combined with the use of conventional hormonal drugs. In the opposite case, the hormonal background of a woman is at risk of being disturbed, and further medical treatment of infertility will not bring any results. Moreover, before using folk remedies to stimulate ovulation, a woman should carefully study the compatibility of herbs and infusions with her body, and prevent the incompatibility of phytopreparations with factors of her own body. For example, with polycystic ovaries, the use of sage is strictly prohibited, etc. It is strongly recommended to consult with your doctor before making your own course of treatment.

Ovulation after stimulation

In the case of a successful pregnancy after ovulation stimulation, a woman needs to be under the careful supervision of a doctor for the first few months, since at this time the risk of termination of pregnancy is significantly increased. Moreover, in order to avoid fetal hypoxia, a woman will have to periodically take blood tests to determine the level of hormones in her. A full medical examination should also become part of the routine of the expectant mother – after ovulation stimulation, the factors that negatively affect the course of pregnancy become much more than during natural pregnancy.

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