Coronavirus and pregnancy: what is the danger of COVID-19 for expectant mothers

Scientists believe that the coronavirus attacks people with weakened immune systems. These include pregnant women. The body of the future mother works for two: for herself, and for the baby. In normal times, doctors recommend that women “in a position” to monitor their health as much as possible and not expose their body to additional stress. And during the coronavirus epidemic, expectant parents need to be especially careful. How does COVID-19 (danger of COVID-19!) affect pregnancy and what happens if the virus is detected in a pregnant woman? Is it possible not to observe the self-isolation regime and go to a medical institution? Should I be afraid for my health?

What is the danger of coronavirus during pregnancy

According to official data, infection of a pregnant woman with coronavirus can lead to premature birth and cesarean section. Moreover, the risk of death during childbirth or abortion increases.

Doctors strongly recommend that pregnant women self-isolate for the entire period of quarantine and contact their relatives and friends only with the help of modern means of communication.

How does coronavirus affect pregnancy and the baby

There is no exact data on the effect of COVID-19 on the unborn child. Scientists have not yet found out what malformations the virus provokes. However, the severe course of the disease in the mother can lead to the death of the fetus.

danger of COVID-19

WHO (World Health Organization) in its guidelines highlights the possible impact of drugs used in the treatment of coronavirus. Their toxic effects can lead to pathologies of fetal development.

The danger of Covid-19 during pregnancy in the 1st trimester

In the guidelines for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of coronavirus, there is a separate item “Obstetric tactics for COVID-19”. It says that obstetric tactics are determined by the condition of the future mother and fetus, as well as the duration of pregnancy. In the 1st trimester (up to 12 weeks), if the patient carries the coronavirus very hard, it is possible to terminate the pregnancy after the end of treatment. This is due to the toxic effect of drugs on the child.

However, to terminate a pregnancy in the early stages of coronavirus can also be during the progression of the disease, if the life of the future mother is at risk (respiratory failure progresses, bleeding occurs, the fetus dies or other complications occur). In this case, the woman is carried out by caesarean section.

Whether pregnant women comply with the quarantine?

Yes, because pregnant women are at risk. The main reason is that the effect of the pathogen on the unborn child has not been studied. Therefore, all pregnant women are advised to observe the strictest quarantine and to have as little contact with other people as possible.

The danger of Covid-19 is no joke! Many couples are planning a pregnancy. To do this, many women buy clomid online. However, during the coronavirus period, doctors recommend that attempts to conceive a child be abandoned until the epidemiological situation stabilizes and that this issue be returned to after the quarantine measures are lifted.

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