Clomid is one of the best antiestrogens in bodybuilding

Application of Clomid in bodybuilding

Both Amateurs and professional athletes often use Clomid. Similarly, athletes often use a variety of other chemicals, such as anabolic steroids, HCG, tamoxifen, thyroid hormones, etc. Unlike other anabolic steroids or hormones, Clomid does not reduce testosterone levels. On the contrary, causing a surge of LH, the drug increases the level of testosterone.

Almost all anabolic steroids have both androgenic and anabolic properties. In some cases, anabolic steroids contribute to the formation of estrogens. With the help of an enzyme, aromatases are also converted into the female sex hormone, estrogen. Estrogen contributes to the development of gynecomastia in bodybuilders.

Although bodybuilders like to show off their bodies, it is unlikely that any of them will want to flaunt their effeminate Breasts. Therefore, Clomid is used to block the development of gynecomastia. By blocking estrogen receptors, it prevents the development of gynecomastia caused by anabolic steroids.

When Clomid blocks estrogen receptors in the brain, the hypothalamus causes a surge of LH and FSH – releasing hormones, which leads to an increase in sex hormone synthesis. LH and FSH also affect the testicles, causing further testosterone synthesis. Testosterone gives the athlete an extra boost. Some bodybuilders take Clomid only to get an anabolic effect. Others use it in combination with other steroids and growth hormone.

Clomid dosage for bodybuilders

Clomid is taken only once a day. Experts in the field of bodybuilding advise taking it alone or in combination with low-activity anabolic steroids. Most bodybuilders take anabolic steroids for a few months and then switch to Clomid. The tool provides a surge of testosterone.

The exact time when you should start taking the drug is unknown. But there is a recommendation to start taking Clomid on the 7-10 day after the end of taking steroid medications.

How do experienced athletes take Clomid

Many athletes and bodybuilders take Clomid, but use different doses. There are no medical recommendations for taking this drug for those who are engaged in bodybuilding. But the dosage was established experimentally. Most bodybuilders take Clomiphene for two weeks at 50-100 mg per day. Some bodybuilders recommend increasing the dose to 100 mg per day.

Do not take Clomid for more than three weeks. This cycle was established by bodybuilders of the past. Since doctors do not recommend taking Clomid for bodybuilders, it is very difficult to get medical advice on taking this drug. In any case, if there are doubts about taking clomid, you can consult with specialists in the treatment of infertility: after all, they know the effect of This drug better than anyone.

It is not known exactly how long you can take Clomid. There is no data on long-term treatment with this drug. There is only a General recommendation not to take Clomid for long courses.

Clomid: Side effect

If you take Clomid for a short period of time and adhere to the specified doses, it is quite safe. Most adverse reactions caused by Clomid are temporary and disappear after discontinuation of its use.

The main side effects include:

  • flushes of blood to the face
  • abdominal discomfort
  • nausea, vomiting
  • chest pain
  • headaches
  • abnormal vaginal bleeding
  • General fatigue
  • hair loss

Visual impairment

Since Clomid affects the brain, there is a danger of its serious side effects. By blocking estrogen-dependent receptors in the hypothalamus, Clomid thereby causes the hypothalamus to release stimulating factors or hormones that force the pituitary gland to release gonadotropins. The pituitary gland is a small pea-sized gland located on top of the optic nerves. With hyperstimulation of the pituitary gland, it increases in size.

pituitary gland and clomid

This leads to compression of the nerves of the eye. Many reports mention poor vision in those patients who have taken Clomid for a long time. There are various visual disturbances:

  • circles before the eyes
  • partial vision loss
  • image blurring or blurring
  • flashes

This usually occurs after a long period of use, although some patients have experienced such symptoms after 7 to 10 days of using the drug. Very often, such phenomena occurred suddenly, which is very dangerous for those who are driving a car or operating mechanisms. In most cases, these changes in vision disappeared after discontinuation of the drug. In case of such violations, you should immediately stop taking the medication and it is strongly recommended to contact an ophthalmologist.

Mood change

Another serious side effect is a change in mood. Many reports indicate that women who have taken Clomid for a long time develop a variety of behavioral problems. This can be a deep depression, irritability, anxiety or aggression. There were also cases of paranoia, anxiety, and insomnia.

Despite such unpleasant complications in some people, studies conducted in many clinics claim that this occurs in only 1% of women who have taken Clomid. There is no data on how many bodybuilders experience these side effects.

Determination of the drug level in the blood

Clomiphene can be easily purchased by anyone. However, all sports organizations prohibit its use in professional sports. The drug is easily detected in the urine for at least 5 to 12 days after its use. Tests for Clomiphene are very well developed, and some laboratories even measure the levels of testosterone and estrogens, their metabolites,and determine the percentage. With certain indicators, the use of Clomiphene is suspected.

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