Clomid in bodybuilding: what you need, instructions for use and side effects

Clomid in bodybuilding is one of the most common pharmacological drugs in the first-aid kit of bodybuilders on steroids. In this article, we will talk about what clomid is, how the infertility drug for women got into bodybuilding, give instructions for use on the course of steroids and after it (on the PCT), and also compare what is better tamoxifen or clomid.

What is clomid (clomiphene citrate)?

Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is a powerful antiestrogen, very similar in its action to tamoxifen (tamoxifen citrate).

Clomid became very popular in the 1970s in medicine as a drug for the treatment of infertility in women and today it is still one of its main applications.

In bodybuilding, clomid is used by athletes on a course of anabolic steroids to eliminate side effects associated with the partial conversion of steroids to estrogen (female sex hormone), as well as to stimulate internal testosterone production after a course of steroids (on PCT), which is suppressed when taking steroids.

The application of clomid

Use in medicine for infertility

When taking clomiphene citrate, the levels of gonadotropin hormones in the blood increase.

Gonadotropins are a number of hormones (follicle-stimulating, luteinizing) that play an important role in regulating the function of the sexual glands. These hormones control the levels of testosterone and estrogen in the blood, which are known to determine the development and functioning of the male and female genitals.

When the level of gonadotropins in a woman’s body increases, the egg is released (ovulation occurs) and that is why the chance of getting pregnant increases.

The use of clomid in bodybuilding on the course of steroids

Clomid has strong anti-estrogenic properties that can be useful in medicine and bodybuilding for athletes using steroids. The fact is that testosterone and some steroids derived from testosterone are partially converted into estrogens.

Clomid in bodybuilding

An increased level of estrogen leads to the development of gynecomastia (female breast growth) and excessive fluid retention in the body – both effects are undesirable in bodybuilding.

Excess fluid increases blood pressure and hides muscle relief. That is why professional bodybuilders take diuretics to remove it from the subcutaneous layers while drying the body.

What clomid does: when it is taken on a course of steroids, it blocks the estrogen receptors in the body, preventing its action. Therefore, it can be useful for fighting gynecomastia, since women’s Breasts grow under the influence of estrogen. How effective is it for this purpose?

According to information from the site, whose creators sell sports pharmacology and apparently have a good understanding of how it works:

For serious steroid users (those who take steroids regularly and in high doses), clomid is not effective enough to protect against the side effects of steroids associated with estrogen. They will need to take aromatase inhibitors, which inhibit the synthesis of estrogen. They are the most effective means to combat gynecomastia and water retention when taking steroids.

As for fluid retention in the body: clomid can interfere with it to some extent, but it is not very effective for this, since it does not reduce the level of estrogen in the blood, but only “turns off” the estrogen receptors.

However, it should be understood that in most cases, water retention in the body is more a matter of nutrition than pharmacology. An excess of carbohydrates in the diet, for example, contributes to the retention of fluid in the body, which is further enhanced by the presence of anabolic steroids in the system.

Taking clomid on a course of steroids allows you to avoid side effects associated with increased estrogen levels (gynecomastia), but it is ineffective in fighting fluid retention in the body.

Application in bodybuilding after a course of steroids on PCT

Most often clomid in bodybuilding is used by athletes after a course of steroids on PCT – Post Cycle Therapy – therapy after a course of steroids). What for?

To speed up the recovery of natural testosterone production, which is almost completely suppressed while taking anabolics. The degree of suppression depends significantly on the type of steroids and the dose. That is why almost all courses of steroids include exogenous testosterone, but they are not limited to one. This is done in order to protect against the effects of low testosterone.

After stopping taking steroids, the natural synthesis of testosterone begins to gradually recover, but full recovery takes quite a long time: from a few months to a year. PCT was developed specifically to speed up the process of restoring natural testosterone production with the help of pharmacology. The most popular PCT courses usually include clomid and tamoxifen, as well as the peptide hormone – chorionic gonadotropin. Tamoxifen is a b analog of clomid for its antiestrogenic properties.

What does clomid do: it stimulates the release of gonadotropins, which in turn stimulates the natural production of testosterone. What will happen if you do not do PCT after the course and do not take clomid? At the very least, you will have to deal with the symptoms of low testosterone for a long time. Recommend: How to boost testosterone in natural ways: 7 natural testosterone boosters. It is important to keep in mind that with low testosterone, the level of the catabolic hormone cortisol increases, which makes it easier to gain fat mass and actively begins to destroy muscle.

PCT is recommended if the use of steroids is stopped for more than 8 weeks. If the break between courses (bridge) is less than 8 weeks or small doses of exogenous testosterone are administered during it, as is customary for hardcore athletes, but the PCT can not be done.

Clomiphene citrate is taken after a course of steroids on PCT to speed up the recovery of natural testosterone levels.

How effective is clomid for restoring testosterone? Scientific research

Scientific research confirms that clomiphene citrate is indeed effective in increasing testosterone levels. Taking clomiphene for 2 weeks by men aged 18-55 years led to an increase in testosterone levels of about 2 times in most of them, but some participants after 2 weeks and a month there was a sharp paradoxical decrease in testosterone for scientists. A study on 125 men with low testosterone (less than 400 ng/DL) and reduced sexual desire who took clomid for 3 months showed that the level of testosterone increased approximately twice (from 309 ng/DL to 642 ng/DL). There were no changes in the level of cholesterol in the blood, and no side effects were noted by any of the participants.

And here, scientists have studied the long-term effect of taking clomid in men with low testosterone levels. At the beginning, the average testosterone level was 228 ng / DL. After one year of use – 612 ng/DL, after two years 562 ng/DL, after three years 582 ng / DL. Significantly increased bone density. No side effects were observed. Clomid significantly improves sexual function in men with hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction.

Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of clomid in increasing testosterone levels by an average of 2 times both with short-term administration (for 2 weeks) and with long-term (for several years).

Side effects of clomid in bodybuilding

Clomid is considered one of the most well-tolerated antiestrogens in sports pharmacology and does not lead to serious side effects in either men or women. This is confirmed by scientific research. However, some side effects are possible.

Women who take clomiphene citrate for infertility treatment note at least one of the following side effects: irritability, mood swings, depression, water retention in the body. And here are other possible side effects:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • tides (a sharp increase in temperature);
  • uterine bleeding;
  • discomfort in the chest;
  • eye problem;
  • acne (pimples).

When using clomid, vision may be impaired in the form of blurring and blurring. This is stated on the same website of the sports pharmacology store 1. it is also recommended That in this case “stop using it and then vision will be restored… in most cases. There are several cases where this did not happen, most likely because clomid was taken for a very long time in very high doses.”

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  4. My doctor said that there will be no negative effects after using Clomid if you follow its instructions. But violating the dosage and schedule can be dangerous. Therefore, always consult your doctor, everything is individual.

  5. I still don’t understand how it works. I have been taking it for 3 years now and none of my friends are taking clomid. tell about the effect and consequences of those who take. bodybuilding for me now is my whole life.

  6. I changed coaches last week. my doctor and my first trainer were not against clomid. my new trainer forbade me to use it.

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  8. With the right approach, Clomid gives very good results! with the right combination of nutrition and exercise. most importantly, consultation with a doctor and trainer and then everything will work out!

  9. During the active phase of the coronavirus, I quit training. Restarted training 2 months ago and clomid has helped me a lot to get back in shape

      1. Each person has his own psychology. Many people were depressed during covid. It’s good that the guy is back in training.

  10. Clomid on the advice of a trainer, proper nutrition, regular exercise. Here’s the secret to success! I recommend using Clomid to everyone, just consult with your doctor.

  11. The trainer and the guys in training advised me to use Clomid. I consulted with my doctor, he allowed. I bought Clomid from your link a week ago and it still hasn’t been delivered to me! Why so long?

  12. I had a hormonal imbalance in my body after taking Clomid. the doctor advised me to stop taking the pills

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  14. in my gym a lot of people use clomid when training, I have never tried it myself. I think you can do without it.

  15. I am professionally engaged in bodybuilding, I want to share my feedback: in the second year I was already recovering with clomid instead of tamoxifen, I decided to take it just for the sake of experimentation, I noticed the difference between them only in one thing, that tamoxifen is more powerful than clomid, so it is better to use it after heavy courses or when there is no money, and clomid is a more versatile tool that can be used use even after nandrol, without the likelihood of side effects

  16. Clomid is an excellent restorer after any course! I have now switched from tamox to clomid, and on it I recover much faster after my courses. Only three weeks of Clomid during pct, and FSH at the upper limits of normal, and total testosterone is at maximum reference values

  17. Started Clomid therapy with 50 mg 3 times a week + 0.5 anastrozole 2 times a week. Testosterone rose to 28 nmol, while SHBG, contrary to the laws of nature, instead of growth, began to fall, although it was already low. Total with this testosterone SHBG was at the level of 9-11. I immediately felt the benefits of high testosterone levels. Later I decided to reduce the intake to 50 mg 2 times a week and 0.5 anastrozole, in this mode I have been taking medication for probably 7 months now. The analyzes have stabilized.

  18. Hey guys! I do sports, bodybuilding/workout. I decided to take this drug to maximize the rise of testosterone, as a result of getting the most maximum absorption of nutrients, weight gain / muscle mass, increased strength. What could be my plans for clomid? And what side effects are waiting for a healthy body? (most of all interested in the heart, kidneys, liver) And can infertility develop, or does clomid only have the opposite effect? How often can I repeat the course? Maybe there are some separate recommendations for athletes? I know that it is used for recovery the adrenal glands work like a rollback after a course of steroids. Thank you in advance for the answers.

    1. Hello, Christian! First, talk to your coach and your doctor, and then write me what they said, I can give you advice.

  19. Hi guys! To have a sporty look, it is not necessary to take steroids, diet, running with weights, push-ups from the floor every day for a maximum + horizontal bar, look at the chronicles of the 20-30s, there some men in white underpants with shovels look better than some modern guys on steroids from the halls πŸ™‚
    By the way, from taking clomid (20 tablets for 15 days) after the course, I observed a tightening of the muscle and its density. I wonder if it is possible to keep the weight gained with clomid. And the most important question is, how does clomid affect the liver?

  20. Of course, the course on clomid is nonsense, but the drug is simply indispensable for restoring body functions, and retaining volumes that nothing will hold except the new course, already in the second month everything will gradually go down

  21. So I think, when I ask myself this question, about the expediency of further use of clomid. To be or not to be, that’s the question! πŸ™‚
    And about clomid in such a situation – one way or another it will have to, after many years of using the drug, I don’t know how it will be, in a year, for example, I think – nothing bad. By the way, those who are over 40 years old are useful prophylactically!

  22. I haven’t used anything but clomid for 10 weeks! My admission schedule is 300 per day. Then 100mg a week. Then 50mg for 10 days. I have not lost a gram in weight and not a gram in strength! Conclusion: Clomid works fine.

  23. Being a real man is not a privilege of the chosen and not a consequence of genetics. You can control the level of testosterone β€” the main hormone of masculinity. Clomid can help with this.

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    1. If you are not interested in the topic of Clomid in bodybuilding, then why are you reading the article, and even more so the comments?

    1. These pills have different purposes. Clomid works with tostesterone and synthroid with fat. Always consult your doctor and trainer before use.

  25. I have been a professional bodybuilder for 7 years now. I have been using Clomid for 5 years. If done correctly, the effect is amazing!

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    1. If you’re having erection problems, it might not be Clomid! Contact your doctor. Maybe you should be taking erectile dysfunction pills or something. Why did you decide that Clomid was the cause of the problem?

  27. What dangers and side effects are you talking about? In bodybuilding, Clomid is used by athletes on an anabolic steroid cycle to eliminate the side effects associated with the partial conversion of steroids to estrogen, as well as to stimulate internal testosterone production. There is no danger here!

    1. Each human body is individual, without consulting a doctor, you will not know what is dangerous for you and what is not!

  28. Hey guys, when you talk about clomid dosages, do you consider that they depend on what the course of steroids was? It turns out like this: the more steroids were taken and the larger their dosages were, the longer it will take to bring the body back to normal with the help of Clomid. I’m right?

      1. This is off topic. What difference does it make who takes steroids and who doesn’t. Think about yourself and your health

  29. Hi guys! I recently started bodybuilding, do I understand correctly that clomid is used on an anabolic steroid cycle to eliminate the side effects associated with the partial conversion of steroids to estrogen, as well as to stimulate internal testosterone production after a cycle of steroids, which is suppressed when taking steroids? Thanks in advance for your replies!

  30. I have been bodybuilding for 4 years and 2 of them I buy Clomid only on your recommendation! Thanks for the prompt delivery and great prices! Keep working.

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