Clomid and bodybuilding

Clomid and bodybuilding – Antiestrogens play a very important role in strength sports. These are substances that an athlete should always have, especially when taking exogenous hormones. Their main purpose is to restore the hormonal background after a course of AAS. The problem is that after a course of taking steroids, the level of your own testosterone is very low, and the level of female hormones is quite high. Antiestrogens perform two very important functions: they reduce the nature of the action of estrogens in the athlete’s body, block the receptors and stimulate the production of LH and FSH, which quickly leads to optimization of the level of their own testosterone in athletes.

Clomid: Pharmacological action

Clomid is a drug with an anti-estrogenic effect.

Their mechanism of action is based on blocking the perception of estrogen by the ovarian and hypothalamus receptors. There is an increase in the secretion of lutein and follicle-stimulating hormone.

Due to this, the maturation process and the hormonal function of the follicle begins to activate.

The result of using the drug is the stimulation of ovulation and an increase in the amount of estradiol in the General bloodstream.

About Clomid

Clomid (synonyms – clomiphene citrate, clomiphene, clostylbegit) is a synthetic drug of non-steroidal structure from the group of anti-estrogenic triphenylethylenes. It is classified as a selective modulator of estrogen receptors with dual properties: agonistic and antagonistic. This is due to the fact that in some cases clomid blocks the action of estrogen, affecting directly the receptors, and in others it activates the receptors, i.e. it acts in the body’s tissues as a real estrogen. If the body contains a low concentration of estrogens, then clomid shows a moderate estrogenic effect, but if it is increased, it has an anti-estrogenic effect. In this case, the drug does not have androgenic or gestagenic activity.

Clomid and bodybuilding

Initially, the drug was intended for women to stimulate ovulation in infertility due to hypothalamic-pituitary ovarian disorders. The effect of the drug is designed to block estrogen receptors in the ovaries and hypothalamus, increase the secretion of gonadotropins in the pituitary gland and increase the concentration of estradiol in the blood.

Clomid and bodybuilding

The drug is extremely popular in the field of bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting. In male athletes, clomid acts as an antiestrogen due to its ability to block the effects of estrogens on the hypothalamus, which triggers a chain reaction:

  • stimulates the production of gonadoliberin (GnRH);
  • increases the production of luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland;
  • raises the level of hormones that stimulate the testicles;
  • increases the production of testosterone by the testes.

Since clomid acts directly on the pituitary gland, it provokes an increase in the production of natural (natural) testosterone. This is why clomid is essential for bodybuilders taking anabolic steroids. The drug is especially necessary at the end of the course, because after stopping taking steroids, athletes have a decrease in the production of natural testosterone and a decrease in its concentration in the body.

If you do not restore the normal level of testosterone, it is fraught with negative consequences, in particular, significant losses of muscle volume and strength characteristics. The absence or insufficient level of androgens (in particular testosterone) gives dominant advantages to the catabolic hormone cortisol. It directly affects the protein synthesis in muscle cells and triggers a catabolic metabolism. Among bodybuilders, this process is called post-steroid breakdown, because it can destroy almost all the created muscles. Taking clomid can prevent this process.

In addition, usually at the end of the cycle, almost all athletes also face the problem of an overabundance of estrogen. The combination of “an increased concentration of estrogen plus a reduced amount of testosterone” significantly increases the risk of developing gynecomastia in bodybuilders. Taking clomid allows you to simultaneously solve both of these problems.

Basically, clomid is very effective in bodybuilding, because its property to lower the activity of estrogens in the body warns:

  • development of gynecomastia;
  • the deposition of fat and formation of fatty folds;
  • accumulation of fluid in the body.

Clomid is similar in its characteristics to nolvadex (tamoxifen), in principle, both of these drugs are interchangeable. What to take is preferable, only the athlete can decide based on a comparative analysis: contraindications, side effects and pricing policy.

Very often, clomid is used together with Proviron, since this combination is considered the most effective for reducing the manifestation of aromatase and increasing the ratio of androgens to estrogens.

Clomid and bodybuilding dosage and administration features

To consolidate the results and stimulate the production of natural testosterone, it is necessary to take clomid at a dose of 50-100 mg daily. This amount is enough to return the normal level of testosterone in the body within two to three weeks of taking it. It is undesirable to use clomid for more than 4-6 weeks in a row.

Since clomid can not sharply raise the level of testosterone (the drug is characterized by a gradual rise), it is recommended to introduce it directly at the end of the course and during the recovery period, and for a sharp increase in the androgen hormone and its increased production by the body, take it in combination with anabolic steroids HCG (human gonadotropin).

HCG should not be taken for more than three weeks, as excessively high levels of testosterone and estrogen can cause the opposite effect. Clomid should continue to be taken after the end of the HCG course.

Some experts recommend using a slightly different dosage and regimen for the “correct” exit from a long course of strong steroids. In the first days of the recovery period, clomid is taken at an increased dose 150-300 mg daily, then for about two weeks — 100 mg, and then until the end of the course — 50 mg daily.

Clomid for men

For men, the drug is prescribed for lack of testosterone as hormone replacement therapy. This condition can overtake any man at any age.

At the same time, the drug Clomid eliminates other problems that have occurred against the background of hypogonadism:

  • Energy depletion;
  • State of depression;
  • Loss of vitality;
  • Muscle atrophy;
  • Pain in the muscles;
  • Lower libido;
  • Erectile dysfunction;
  • Body weight gain;
  • Osteopenia;
  • Osteoporosis;
  • Anemia of a moderate nature;
  • The possibility of developing Alzheimer’s syndrome/neoplasms in the prostate.

The drug Clomid is used in combination with other medications for gynecomastia.

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